Can Cloud Computing Help Your Business?

Posted on March 21, 2019 by Destry Hines

Cloud ComputingMoving to or starting out on cloud servers is a huge benefit to most companies that need a website or other web services.

Even though "cloud" refers to the Internet in a more broad way, cloud servers and services are different from traditional hardware services. The biggest benefits to your business are reduced cost and increased scalability.

The Old Days

Before cloud computing, you would lease a physical server on a rack somewhere and it had very specific hardware, like drive space, memory, and processing power.

If your website outgrew the server, or you holiday sale brought more customers than your hardware could handle, you had to provision a new, bigger server and not only did that take time and effort, it also could significantly increase your monthly costs. If the need was because of a temporary increase in traffic, you would either need to keep the more expensive hosting or migrate back to the old server.

A Better Way​

​With cloud computing, your server can scale with your needs and in most cases on-the-fly.

You can add drive space, memory or processors as needed and not even have to restart your server. Many environments will also let you scale back down without a restart. That all amounts to cost savings to your business, and fewer headaches for you.


​Security is always an issue with anything you have on the web.

Most hosting environments offer Private Clouds and other configurations that allow you to have pretty much any level of security you need. They can be made PCI and HIPPA Compliant, so there is no doubt they can be secured with the right environment and knowledge.

Web Services

​Even beyond cloud servers, there are cloud services that your business can quickly and easily deploy that allow business automation, workflow and web services that are not tied to a specific server.

This means they can scale on-demand and you're only paying for what's actually used in most cases. You can bring ideas to market significantly faster and more scalable than ever before.

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